How Much The Cost To do Mt. Rinjani Trekking?

mount rinjani trekking price

The price of doing Trekking Rinjani in 2020 Season is certainly the first question that comes to your mind when planning your trip to trek at mount rinjani. The determinations of the estimated cost of a trip to a tourist destination is a step carefully or the most common tips should be known to everyone.

In this article, we will share with you the latest estimated costs and prices for Rinjani trekking in 2020 season. We mean that in order you do not misunderstand when you want to visit Lombok and and doing rinjani tours, because prices and costs may change at any time depending on the comparison of the value of the Indonesian Rupiah and the USD which continues to experience depend on the political situation and the Indonesian economy in general.

Many tourists occasionally who misunderstand and think the price of last year’s climbing season is exactly the same as the price of Rinjani trekking in the current season. But it turns out that such thinking is wrong, because the price of Rinjani trekking could have increased this season or actually dropped from the previous season.

So, if you ask how much it costs to climb / trekking Rinjani at this time is USD 145 to USD 180 / person.

Estimated price depends on the type of Trekking package you choose, for example, how many days do you want to be on Mount Rinjani such as 2D/1N, 3D/2N, 4D/3N Rinjani packages. Secondly, do you want to choose a Deluxe package or standard package with different types of services in terms of quality and quantity, Third, whether you choose sharing packages or private packages that are determined by the number of people in a group that you follow.

If it’s a private package, then the package / team is specifically for you and your partner or friends you know. But if it’s a sharing package, then a group comes from someone who is different and you don’t know, because if you choose this package, then you will be combined with people from other countries who choose the sharing package too.

As information in the previous article that we made, that in this 2019 Rinjani Trekking season, Climbing Rinjani is only opened up to Summit Rinjani (for 2D / 1N Summit Packages via Sembalun route) and packages up to Senaru Rim (For 2D1N Via Senaru route)

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For more detail about mount rinjani trekking trip packages price both through Senaru and Sembalun Village, Please contact us via the phone number and email address available in this website.