Bas Rinjani Guides and Porters

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Bas Rinjani Guides

Under the terms of Mount Rinjani National Park, where Guides and Porters are the most important element to have the unforgettable experience doing Rinjani Trekking for both local trekkers and foreigner. By realizing this, we accommodate the experience local guides and porters (Ground Man) licensed by the governments and the official of Mount Rinjani National Park. Bas Rinjani Trekking under the CV. Bas Rinjani Summit have 7 experience guide and 25 local expert porters who are ready to do trek with you under the control of Bas Rinjani Service

When the activities of trekking take place, being Guide should be able to maintaining and coordinating the trekkers, they will take control of all trekking activities to all trekkers they trek with. In other words, Guide is fully responsible for the security, comfort, and satisfaction of our customers.

Bas Rinjani Porters

While being porters, they will be in charge of carrying accommodation and food needed during the trekking activities such as: Tent, Toilet tent, sleeping bag, food, mineral water and other beverages, trekking chair, mattresses, pillows, and other. Also, porter will play an important role in providing food during the ascent, both main meals or snacks and other coverings. So that trekkers will feel safe and comfortable during the trekking activities on the mountain.

Hiking with Bass Rinjani Team will make you feel satisfied and happy both for the service of our guides and porters (Ground Man). Bas Rinjani always renews or updates the trekking gears and high quality service that will support the comfort during the trek to Mount Rinjani. We also never forget to always train and improve the skills of our team, especially improving their English, so that our customers do not feel bored. And if any of you want to ask about Mount Rinjani, our guide will be ready to serve you with their polite English and a sweet smile from them.

Don’t wait too long, entrust your trip to mount rinjani with Bas rinjani, Take your seat immediately and get the best price from us.