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Here are the most popular Rinjani Mountain Trekking Packages each year

Asian Package

4D / 3N | Package is designed for beginners climber, especially the climbers who come from Asia and Local Indonesia. Basically this package is more desirable by the climbers who have enough spare time to explore all the spots and trips in arounf of the Rinjani Mountain

Popular Package

3D / 2N | This package is the most popular package in every year climbing. Basically the ideal time to climb the Rinjani Mountain is 3 days and 2 nights so that all trips can be resolved. But this package will certainly take a short time and require extra energy

Summit Package

2D / 1N | This package is devoted to climbers who only target themselves to reach Summit Rinjani and do not descend to Segara Anak Lake. Travel on this package is relatively short because sometimes the climber only has a short time anyway

Tropical Forest Package

For those of you who like to do trekking with natural nuances of natural and beautiful, then this is the right package for you. because in this Trekking package you mostly going through the shady tropical forest and protected from hot sun that hot through the village of Senaru

"Welcome Home"

My name is Basimin I lived in Senaru village with 600 m high above sea level residing in hillside of Rinjani mountain , Senaru village is the main starting of any trekking activities to Rinjani mount, and there are some soft trek you can explore in this village such as panorama walk to Sasak Vilage, waterfall (1 and 2), old mosque, rice field, and Lombok coffee plantation. this village such as panorama walk to Sasak Vilage, waterfall (1 and 2), old mosque, My job is organizing while be guiding for trekking to Rinjani mount with 1 night, 2 nights, 3 nights, and 4 nights packages. I have daily departure and working direct with all people in this village ( as one of living ). I biding for sharing package and private package with the best service. My experience trek to Rinjani mount is over 20 years, in 1984 I started a porter, in that time I don’t know about English, almost every day I did for trekking with all people from many countries and time for the shake of time I learn English by intention. Finally in 1988 I got new science with English language and I became as a guide taking many group up to the mountain each month , with my journey as a guide I found many experience in bringing and manage a group on the mount. After I became a guide for many years and I thinking to fine solution for to make business of Rinjani mount, basically just my desire which make me to be organizer and I can did it. Right now I had worked with many of the tour agent in Lombok especially et senggigi beach, gili island and there are some agent from abroad, and and continue to arrange many treks and give all customers pre-trek talk, ensuring all guests understand the itinerary and safety precautions before they off their trek.

Why You Must be Get Trekking Rinjani and Explore Lombok With Bas Rinjani ?

We are trekking organizer For Mount Rinjani and tour agent to Explore Lombok Island which has high integrity in providing service to all our customers. We always put the security, security and satisfaction from the moment they made their choice to us to serve them while in Lombok.

A Step ahead to help

Best in class trek guides and support staff to ensure you enjoy the journey thoroughly

Small Group Size

Average group size is ONLY 5-7 Trekkers. We deliver more personalised attention and care.


Higher support staff and a small group for a safer trek with confort.

Easy To Book

Pay 10% as Booking Amount and reserve your seat


Start exploring Mount Rinjani and Lombok with Us

Don't worry to just ask and find out various information about Lombok Tour and Mount Rinjani in particular | We are Offers for Private and Sharing Package

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Gili Island Tour

The three Gili islands are still excellent for snorkeling despite the devastation wreaked by the El Nino weather phenomenon in 1998. Some 90% of the hard corals around the islands down to 20 meters suffered badly at the time from bleaching and are still recovering.

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Waterfalls and Panorama Walk

Lombok Island is famous for its many beautiful waterfalls presented in various places on the island of Lombok itself, including Sendang Gile, Tiu Kelep, Stokel Thread, Yarn Netting and so on. Likewise with the panorama is so charming for the visitors

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Ethnic and Religion Tour

In this tour package, we will invite you to see the ethnic and religious diversity in Lombok Island, besides that you will also be able to witness the integration of various religions and cultures in the frame of tolerance in peace and mutual respect so as to make it unique

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