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Perth to Lombok : New AirAsia Route Was Opened

Mount Rinjani 3,726 MASL

Perth to Lombok : New AirAsia Route Was Opened so West Nusa Tenggara or Lombok tourism gets a particularly strong and especially for tourist flows coming from Australia. After many years the Australia-Lombok flight route was closed, now it has begun to be opened again. AirAsia became the first airline to open this route after […]

How Much The Cost To do Mt. Rinjani Trekking?

mount rinjani trekking price

The price of doing Trekking Rinjani in 2020 Season is certainly the first question that comes to your mind when planning your trip to trek at mount rinjani. The determinations of the estimated cost of a trip to a tourist destination is a step carefully or the most common tips should be known to everyone. […]

Rinjani Climbing Senaru Trail Opened in mid-April

The news of the Rinjani Climbing Ascent is definitely the thing awaits lovers and addicts of 3726 MASL heights. After the earthquake in July last year which caused hundreds of climbers trapped in the tourist area of ​​Mount Rinjani such as Crater Rim, Summit, and Segara Anak Lake, of course, many climbers undermined their long-held […]

How Long Do We Need to do Mt.Rinjani Trekking?

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How long does it take to take Rinjani? The first time I heard the word Trekking Rinjani or Rinjani climb, it was certainly the first thing that occurred to each of us to ask, How does it to take Climb Rinjani ? This question is very commonly asked by most people, because in planning a […]

Tiu Kelep waterfall has been opened again

Tiu Kelep waterfall has been opened again Tiu Kelep Waterfall located in Senaru Village, Bayan District, North Lombok Regency, has now been reopened after the earthquake that struck North Lombok and its surroundings two months ago. The water of Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lombok, especially […]

Mt Rinjani Trekking Activities After 2018 Lombok Earthquake

Mount Rinjani Tour will be open in early October: Rinjani POS National Park Senaru has issued a decision to reopen the Ascent to Mount Rinjani Tour in early October. The decision was taken based on the results of surveys and coordination with related parties such as BPBD (Regional Disaster Management Agency) of West Nusa Tenggara […]