Rinjani Trekking Trail Via Aik Berik

Aik Berik Rinjani Trekking Map

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Aik Berik Village

Aik Berik Rinjani Trekking Trail is one of Mount Rinjani National Park official trail. Mount Rinjani Trekking and Climbing Trail Via the Aik Berik Central Lombok was opnened by HM Suhaili Central Lombok Regent. The inauguration of this route was carried out at the opening ceremony of the Enchantment Camp to Build the Village in the Village of the Village of Lembang in the Village of Lantan, North Batukliang District  by HM Suhaili Regent on Friday, 25 May 2016.

Aik Berik Rinjani Trekking Map

Aik Berik is the name of the village which located at the north of Central Lombok Regent, bordering directly with tropical forests and located on the southern slope of Mount Rinjani with a height of +600 MASL. With the cool air surrounded by the expanse of rice terrace and plantations Rinjani Mountain background behind it adds to the beauty of the panoramic view of the village. Various species of flora and fauna can also be found in the village forest. These are can be reach easely by car or motorcycle, it is aprox. 1 hour drive from the capital city of Lombok (Mataram/Praya) or main tourisms in Lombok ( Airport/Kuta Beach/ Senggigi Beach).

Aik Berik Trekking Gate

Benang Stokel in the village of Aik Berik in Central Lombok is about 27km east of Mataram, a little less than an hour’s drive. Locally Benang Stokel is well-known for its 2 waterfalls, the Benang Kelambu waterfall and the likewise named Benang Stokel waterfall from which the trekking up to Rinjani starts.

waterfall in aik berikThe waterfall and starting point for this track can be reached in about 30 minutes by jeep. Trekking through dense forest, the ascent up to the crater rim takes around 6 hours. From here, the descent to the crater lake is about 3 hours. This track offers lots of variety, with the famed Tiara Dewi Anjani waterfall as one of its highlights, and with some luck one might encounter a herd of deer.

This track is especially favored by those looking for a completely different angle of approach to Rinjani. For centuries this route has been used by hunters and fishermen looking for their prey in the dense forest and crater lake.

Aik Berik Waterfalls

This track offers no opportunities for a climb up to the summit of Rinjani, except if you plan to bring along a rubber boat to paddle across the crater lake to the Sembalun side of the lake. Should one wish to do so our team can accommodate one.

Characteristics : Farmland, dense forest, pine forest, river and waterfalls.

Level : Advanced, experienced

Type : Moderate/extreme/full adventure

Water : Plenty of water sources.

Type of tour: Fully organized (combination of adventure, leisure, eco tourism, safety).

Individual or group departures are available upon request.


Arrival Day : (Airport – Hotel)

On your arrival day, our driver will pick you up from your place of arrival, for example Airport, Sheet Port, Senggigi, or Bangsal Harbor. Next he will take you to the Inn that we have provided in Central Lombok around the Rinjani Aik Berik trail trekking entrance. There you will meet with me or my representative to greet you and give some directions related to the route and all things related to trekking Rinjani aik berik trail. After we finish explaining to you, then you will be given the opportunity to rest or enjoy the scenery around the Aik Berik Village.

Note : If you choose the direct track from your previous lodging location, for example from Senggigi or from Kuta Mandalika, then you must be ready to be picked up at 05.00 AM.

Day 1 : (Aik Berik Village – Benang Stokel – Forest – Dewi Anjani Waterfall – Crater Rim)

Our guide will pick you up at hotel lobby at 07.00 AM then transfer to Benang Stokel, meet your guide and arrange National Park entry tickets. Your guide gives you briefing describes the route details, local cultural traditions and what you might see, and explains rubbish management and safety procedures.

Trekking through dense forest, the ascent up to the crater rim takes around 8 hours. This track offers lots of variety, with the famed Tiara Dewi Anjani waterfall as one of its highlights, and with some luck one might encounter a herd of deer. . Lunch served on the way.

Day 2 : ( Crater Rim – Forest – Aik Berik Village )

Enjoy the amazing sunrise views across the Wallace Line to Bali, Mt. Agung and Sumbawa in Crater Rim. After you have received breakfast from your guide and porter, then you will continue your journey to return to the village of Aik Berik, or the starting point of Trekking starting points on the previous day. There our Driver will pick you up and take you to the next destination or to the Airport if you want to go home directly to your country.

Aik Berik Rinjani Crater Rim

In your journey, our drivers will invite you to enjoy several tourist destinations or you can shop at the shopping center for souvenirs and gifts.

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