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Hi guys the Trekkers and lovers of Rinjani 3726 MASL altitude are everywhere in the world, Like Singapore, Malaysia, France, Australia, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Italy, Spain. Thailand, and etc. Rinjani trekking season 2017 can be said to last, because of weather conditions that have been uncertain and the intensity of rainfall has begun high resulting in trekking activities are no longer possible to be done for the safety and comfort of the climbers, the Rinjani National Park has given warning so that climbers are always wary of the uncertain weather when climbing Mount Rinjani. In the coming months, trekking to Mount Rinjani will be closed temporarily from December to March.

This is done for the process of revitalization and cleaning up the remaining garbage in Mount Rinjani as the impact of the previous year’s climbing activities so that Mount Rinjani remains beautiful and maintained its purity which is the main attraction for Mount Rinjani.

Related to the policy to be determined by the Rinjani mountain national park. For the upcoming 2018 ascent season begins in April 2018, the quota of climbers who will be trekking to Rinjani will be limited. Technical quota restrictions in question is by way of controlling agents and trekking organizer who do not have official permission.

For the new Trekking Organizer and its agents who do not have official permission from the local government and the manager in this case the National Park Hall of Mount Rinjani, will not be given to bring guests directly or through intermediaries. Nevertheless, the Rinjani National Park will take decisive action by blocking them from all access the climbing route. This step is taken by the park of Gunung Rinjani National Park for security and comfort for trekkers who want to climb Mount Rinjani, especially for trekkers who come from abroad. This is also done considering the many incidents that disappoint the trekkers who order the trekking package to Rinjani through irresponsible agents and deceive them.

Why you should read this article?

The information we present this may be useful for trekkers who want and plan to trekking to Rinjani on the ascent of 2018. Surely all of you who come to Rinjani and Lombok island in particular want to enjoy the holiday with a sense of security and comfort without any disappointment which will be taken when returning to their respective Country. For that, you must be wiser in determining the choice of agnency services or trekking organizer who want to be chosen to serve you during a vacation on the island of Lombok and trekking to Mount Rinjani with the guarantee of quality and professional service and responsibility since your arrival until you return to your country and / or your next destination.

Bas Rinjani SummitBas Rinjani Trekking is a Trekking Organizer for Mount Rinjani that has been experienced since 2000 and has been granted official permission through a long process and valid testing from the government and national park of Gunung Rinjani in 2009 and keeps updated every year so you will feel safe and comfortable during the sights or during the Mount Rinjani.

We have received many excellent reviews of our services to customers, whether on Tripadvisorfacebook fashions page, and or on Google, and they tell us many of their exciting and exciting personal experiences along with our expert Guide and porters who always serve with sincere. Surely you do not want to miss the excitement and comfort with our company. Given the limitation of the climbing quota for the 2018 ascent season, so from now on we have already Open Booking for the Rinjani Trekking package or just wanted to ask before deciding the choice, then we will be very happy to serve you at our receptionist which is always available 24 hours for You are here:

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