Hot Springs Around Segara Anak Lake are Closed of Lake Waterfall

Summit Rinjani, Lake, And Senaru Rim, Hot Spring Water Rinjani around the Lake

Trekking Mount Rinjani from May to July? Don’t expect to find hot springs around Lake Segara Anak. This is because the overflowing water from the lake creates many waterfalls that cover the hot spring sources commonly used as a sauna by hikers who arrive at Segara Anak.

No Hot Springs Water Make Guest Complain

The lack of hot springs around Lake Segara Anak has been complained about by guests who use Bas Rinjani Trekking services. The guides had previously explained during the preparation and explanation phase that they could do a sauna at the Hot Spring Water facility as usual.

Mr. Bas, the Director of Bas Rinjani Trekking (08/05/2023), explained that the absence of hot springs in Rinjani is rare and conditional, as it depends on the weather and the will of nature. Therefore, we cannot guarantee something uncertain.

They Take 3 Days 2 Nights Package 

Hot Springs around Segara Anak Lake are closed of Lake Waterfall

As explained by Mr. Bas, this condition is a concern that makes guests upset, despite clarification being given. Some of them made negative reviews about the incident and raised other issues that were actually beyond the responsibility and knowledge of the Trekking Organizer.

Basically, even though there are no more hot spring sources around Lake Segara Anak, there are still other hot springs accessible to hikers (foreign guests) who want to enjoy a sauna. They can find Hot Spring water on the route to Torean village when they are on their way down through the Torean Trek.

On the way back to Torean itself, there are hot spring sources scattered along the road, such as in Gua Susu, Cikar Rarat, Goa Putri, and several other spots that are usually used by the local community for medical purposes or specific purposes based on local wisdom.

Hot Springs around Segara Anak Lake are closed of Lake Waterfall


In conclusion, for those of you who want to trek Mount Rinjani from May to July and hope to find hot springs close to Lake Segara Anak, this information is expected to be a valid and useful reference for you. Don’t be disheartened because the absence of hot springs in Rinjani can be overcome by an alternative route via Torean.

Remember that nature has its own will, and as hikers, we must always be prepared to face uncertain conditions.

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